The President

And the people chose her for her wonderful qualities of leadership. They loved the way she took charge, her charismatic personality that led the people like a Pied Piper, her looks that led to having her image being plastered on every page. This is what they loved about her.
The people rejected her, for her arrogance, for daring to lead them down the prim rose path, for speaking out as though Her's was the only voice in the world that mattered and for spending too much on clothes. This is what they hated about her.
Which led the people to denouncing her on Facebook and other social media, making fun of her clothes, hacking her email and imitating her on Saturday Night Live. This is how they betrayed her.
In time after her term had long since expired, the people longed for, the sound of her voice, her sense of style, her honesty and unmatched leadership. This is how they remembered her.

Answering the Call

I’ve heard the call many times.
A call that has no words.
I hear the call through the telepohone lines,
Late in the night, during a winter storm.

I hear the call during the full moon.
Watching clouds skim across it’s face,
Gleeming in it’s beams.
My heart yearns to fly with them.
Racing the geese for parts unknown.

I’ve heard the call in my young love’s voice,
As we plan our future before us,
Forgetting all the lives we’ve known,
Our minds leap boldly toward new goals.
Answering the call,
Unaware of woes.

I’ve heard the call as I lie dying.
I hear it from other worlds.
I hear the call to join the One,
Or to reincarnate in strange forms.
It is my hearts desire to fly,
To embrace,
To live,
In the light of the moon.

I Love You

I watched my wife slip my wedding ring on her finger.  I'd come home after she'd been to the funeral parlor and had taken the ring off my finger there.
Somehow, even though I had passed from my body, I felt more attachment to that old wooden ring than to the corpse I was leaving behind. I remembered when we had first made them. God, I felt tears come to my soul's eyes. We couldn't afford gold bands when we first got married.  Well, we could but not the kind that I wanted her to have.  I wanted to give her a huge diamond, with emeralds, rubies and pearls.  I wanted to put the moon in a setting to give to her.  
We decided to wait until we could afford the rings we wanted to give each other.  In the meantime, we decided to make each other's rings. Lol, it was a real challenge getting the right size.
After getting the right sizes for each other we took them home to work on them.
I worked weeks making vines, tiny flowers, trying to keep the surface smooth, yet engravi…

Where's the person you used to be? (country song)

I saw my true love today, I saw her washing dishes. I thought perhaps I should help, but continued watching pitches.
I saw my true love today, I saw him in his recliner. I thought of taking him a beer, but decided to dry the silver.
Things aren't like they used to be, The light has died inside. I look outside the window now, and dream of love, I might find.
I saw the woman in my life, Avoiding my company. I wondered what secrets she had kept, and was it time to leave?
I saw the man in my life, Looking at me suspiciously. What had he been doing wrong, he would look that way at me?
Things aren't like they used to be, The light has died inside. I look outside the window now, And dream of love, I might find.
I remember watching her dance, A younger girl back then. The light would sparkle in her hair, I loved the softness of her skin.
I remember watching him dance, A younger man back then. I saw the way his muscles flexed, Smooth beneath his skin.
Things aren't like they used to be, The light has died inside. I…

Looking in my Ear

I hear drumming in my head. I wait for the pounding to leave. Then I realize the pounding will never leave. It lives in my head.

I hurry to a mirror to look at my head. There living in one of my ears is a small, smoke stack from a house sticking out. With the aid of three mirrors and a step ladder, besides the mirror on the medicine cabinet, I was able to see down inside my ear. If I also took my dental mirror and adjusted the angles just right, I could see almost everything inside my ear.

I wish I could have taken a video of the procedings but I was already holding a mirror in my teeth, one between my toes, one on the medicine cabinet, another in my fingers, one hanging from the ceiling on a string and another balanced on a pile of boxes to be at the right angle. I didn't think I could manage the video camera too.
. Inside my ear I saw, a trading post, a forest, a logging operation with re-planting crew, a lake, fishermen, several completed cabins, a bakery, wheat fields, a fo…

Singing to Myself

Deep in our hearts, deep in our hearts, deep in our hearts are we unkind?
Deep in our hearts, deep in our hearts, does love really thrive?
I wonder where you are tonight. I love you all the time. And know that you can always have all that's mine.

Never once, never once have I ever thought
This of you, you don't need me or I don't need you.

Passing the Word

“Come on in.  You might as well come on out in the kitchen with me.  I'm readying up a few things out there.  I'm sorry my husband isn't here right now but he should be back soon.  He had to go over with the rest of the family to help make arrangements for the funeral.

“Would you like a cup of coffee?  Black?  We have some cream if you would like some.  Neighbors have brought in quite a few things.  Would you like a piece of cake?  We'll never be able to eat all these things that were brought in.  We've froze some.  The pink one?  Yes I think that one looks good too.

“No, no you don't need to help me.  Lord, if it comes to the day that I can't cut a piece of cake for a  guest I'll be in sad sorry shape.

“Yes it was rather sudden that she died.  It was a brain aneurysm at the base of the brain.  I guess the doctor said it could have been inherited. She was only thirty-one.

“Just two days ago I was watching her work her horse.  I was thinking then what a…