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Talk around the Kitchen Table
I remember my parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, friends, cousins all talking around the kitchen table.  The dining room table was a cold and unfriendly place.  A place we never used.
The kitchen table was used for everything.  We did our homework there.  The kitchen was the first place anyone went to that came to visit us.  While Mom puttered around the kitchen, the guest would have coffee, a snack and conversation.
When we went to visit other people, if they had no children of their own, us kids were relegated to sit on the couch and behave unless we could go outside.  Sitting on the couch and behaving in the living room meant we could listen to the conversation in the kitchen.
I learnt most of what I knew about family business from listening to those conversations.  If we were in financial trouble.  My family's world views on politics.  The latest gossip was all delivered across a cup of coffee at the kitchen table.
When it comes to me making a…