Learning to Blog or Pulling my hair out slowly.

Ha, ha, ha, I have learned where to put my title.  I kept trying to figure out why my title was running into the rest of my post.

I tried setting a header.  I added an extra space, then two, then three. :)

There's so much to do.  I had to build my website, after buying my domain.  I had to fix my cname and A records.  I had to start a blog.  I had to think of something to write!  I had to figure out how to do all that with no money.  Set up my social networking sites.  Then get an RSS feed going to Twitter, Facebook and Google +.

I tell ya'...

Then of course none of it looks like I thought it would.  :(

I pacify myself with the thought all of you had to do it before me. :)

Ha, ha, ha why is it misery loves company?

Have a nice day.

Reta West


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