Looking For My Voice

That title of this makes me feel I should look under my chair for it.

No, I am looking for my voice on my blog and for the characters in my stories.

When I started out writing my novel, I thought I knew exactly what my main character Nehrie was about.  A twelve year old girl, a member of the Pa'iin Tribe of Little People, getting ready to take her first vision quest.

That seemed to me to say plenty right there.  As I go along though I start to realize even though Nehrie is very similar to me she is not me.

I think in one way when I am writing I have to sit back and put myself into that character.  Not what I imagine that character is but to become that character.

For instance:

Nehrie was going along with hardly any flaws or problems.  My story got better when I said she was outside hiding out from doing the dishes.

That gave her a flaw.  It broadened her character.

I always thought writing just flowed off the end of my fingertips. I am learning a lot writing my first novel.  I am learning a lot setting up this blog.

I have never been able to think what to blog about.  This time I feel as though I'm on the right track.

I just need to find my voice.


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