One Time I Heard...

There was a young man who leaned back against the broad trunk of a tree that was standing on the top of a river bank.
He crossed his arms behind his head, crossed an ankle across a knee and chewed on the piece of willow he had found.
The shadows moved back and forth making hypnotic patterns and soon he fell asleep.
While he was sleeping an army of ants, in their fine suits of clothing, came marching through in formation.
Their leader called the column to a halt. Dogs could be heard barking in the distance.
Look there,” he said, “a sandwich on the ground. We must take it back to the Queen!”
Organizing his troops, they soon had the sandwich lifted over there heads and were gone.
The young man after finishing his nap woke feeling hungry.
Searching hard as he could, he never found his sandwich.

Moral of story is: Eat your sandwich before taking a nap outside. :)

by Reta West


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