Passing the Word

“Come on in.  You might as well come on out in the kitchen with me.  I'm readying up a few things out there.  I'm sorry my husband isn't here right now but he should be back soon.  He had to go over with the rest of the family to help make arrangements for the funeral.

“Would you like a cup of coffee?  Black?  We have some cream if you would like some.  Neighbors have brought in quite a few things.  Would you like a piece of cake?  We'll never be able to eat all these things that were brought in.  We've froze some.  The pink one?  Yes I think that one looks good too.

“No, no you don't need to help me.  Lord, if it comes to the day that I can't cut a piece of cake for a  guest I'll be in sad sorry shape.

“Yes it was rather sudden that she died.  It was a brain aneurysm at the base of the brain.  I guess the doctor said it could have been inherited. She was only thirty-one.

“Just two days ago I was watching her work her horse.  I was thinking then what a picture she presented so little, blonde, blue-eyed standing out there with those cowboy boots of her's on beside that big horse of her's.

“I guess it was quite a shock to her partner.  They didn't have any warning other than her having some headaches the last few weeks.  She went to the doctor but he hadn't been able to find any reason for them.  By God if it'd been the President they could have found it.

“She had a good last day though.  I wouldn't have minded going the way she did.  Oh, you haven't heard?  From what I understand her boyfriend and her went to a flea market earlier in the day.  Then they picked some apples from an orchard.  They came home, smoked a joint, made love, said their good-nights.  He was holding her in his arms when he felt her getting cold.  He turned on the light and she was already gone.

“Of course he tried to do everything he could.  Somewhere in there he called 911.  It's kind of confusing the story as I got it.  I heard he was trying to do CPR.  The ambulance people came in.  He chased them out because they weren't doing it right.  They thought she had died from a drug over-doze.  They kept shocking her with those chest paddles.  I heard her hair was standing out straight and she was totally blue.

“Then the police came and took him in custody because they thought he might have killed her.  They smelled the pot they had smoked in the house.

“No, no he would never have harmed her.

“For her it was a good way to go.

“Kind of sucked for him though.


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