Tell a short story in under 500 words

Hey I had fun with this at a meeting from

Try writing a complete scene or little story in 500 words or under.  :)

Critiques can be done in the comment section. :)

I will post mine in the first comment.

Oh wait I have to post it now. lol

Snake Scene from The Dandelion Warrior

“I am a Warrior!.  From the Pa'iin Tribe of Little People!  The last remaining member of the Dandelion Clan.  Be careful of my dandelion!  I'm not afraid to use it!

I crack myself up! Hee, hee, hee.

I shook my dandelion at all my pretend enemies.

The sun popped over the top of the shed that separated me from the view of anyone passing on the street. I covered my eyes and looked down.  My dandelion’s shadow stood beside mine in sharp relief against the ground.  We were the same height.

If they miss me in the kitchens, I can always say that I forgot it was my turn to help clean up after breakfast.

The day felt hot.  I could feel sweat starting at the roots of my hair.  A sound of slithering came toward me on the right.  I stopped dead still.  I waited to see if it would keep coming this way.  It sounded like a snake hunting.  Odd time of day for a snake to be hunting.  The sun was coming to the center of the sky.

There it was again.  It was definitely moving in my direction.  The grass parted.  A snake lifted it's head, flicking it's tongue out scenting the air in front of it
It's me!  It's hunting me!

Now I realized why it was out at this time of the day!  I had disturbed it!
Fortunately, I had a brain to think with.  I saw the snake starting toward me, flicking its tongue to scent me.  I knew better than to stand still and look in it's eyes.  It would fascinate me, then eat me!

 I lifted my dandelion and held it in front of myself with both hands.  When the snake advanced close enough, I shook it right in that old snake's face!  Ha, ha, ha the pollen from the dandelion stuck on it's tongue, got in its nose and the petals blinded it's eyes..  Wow a lot more effective than I thought it would be!

The snake seemed to choke, cough then pulled it's head back as it tried to breathe.  I shoved the dandelion further into its face pushing it as hard as I could!  The snake struggled to catch it's breath pulling it's head back, it turned and escaped as fast as it could!

“Ho, ho, ho,”  I whooped!  Everything's a weapon!


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