The Challenge

The man sat down and prayed, “Dear God, please be kind to me in my writing endeavor.”
The next morning the man sat down to write. The words flowed as though God's hand had truly touched him. The man could almost see a glow coming from the pages of the book.
Hours passed without the man moving anything other than his fingers and his eyes as he wrote on and on. Evening hours came. The man had not eaten or drank all day long. Still he wrote.
During all of this, God happened to look down and see what was happening. This was not his work! Quickly accessing the Ley lines surrounding the man he saw this was the work of a powerful demon called Driven. This demon happened to overhear the man's prayer that morning.
So God sent down a fly. He told the fly to tickle the man's nose. Over and over the fly tickled the man's nose until the man leaped from his chair in frustration.
God chuckled to himself, “Even my flies are more powerful than you Driven.”


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