Your picture looks more fun than mine.

When I was five and my sister was seven. I looked over at the unicorn my sister was coloring in her coloring book. I wanted to paint the unicorn too. I looked at my book. I only had a picture of a barn.
Can I trade coloring books?” I said.
No,” my sister said.
I reached across our desk and started scribbling all over her page. If I couldn’t do it then she couldn’t either.
My sister started crying. Mom came in the room.
What’s going on here?”
She scribbled my picture,” my sister said while pointing at me.
Wham, wham, wham my mother spanked my bottom with her broom she had been holding. She then returned to the kitchen to finish sweeping the floor.
This made me really angry. I refused to cry. I marched into the kitchen and told my mom, “I’d like to see you do that again!”
My mother promptly showed me her ‘broom against the behind’ technique again.
I returned into my sister.
Well,” she said.
I got a hot ass now,” I said.


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