Answering the Call

I’ve heard the call many times.
A call that has no words.
I hear the call through the telepohone lines,
Late in the night, during a winter storm.

I hear the call during the full moon.
Watching clouds skim across it’s face,
Gleeming in it’s beams.
My heart yearns to fly with them.
Racing the geese for parts unknown.

I’ve heard the call in my young love’s voice,
As we plan our future before us,
Forgetting all the lives we’ve known,
Our minds leap boldly toward new goals.
Answering the call,
Unaware of woes.

I’ve heard the call as I lie dying.
I hear it from other worlds.
I hear the call to join the One,
Or to reincarnate in strange forms.
It is my hearts desire to fly,
To embrace,
To live,
In the light of the moon.


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