Looking in my Ear

I hear drumming in my head. I wait for the pounding to leave. Then I realize the pounding will never leave. It lives in my head.

I hurry to a mirror to look at my head. There living in one of my ears is a small, smoke stack from a house sticking out. With the aid of three mirrors and a step ladder, besides the mirror on the medicine cabinet, I was able to see down inside my ear. If I also took my dental mirror and adjusted the angles just right, I could see almost everything inside my ear.

I wish I could have taken a video of the procedings but I was already holding a mirror in my teeth, one between my toes, one on the medicine cabinet, another in my fingers, one hanging from the ceiling on a string and another balanced on a pile of boxes to be at the right angle. I didn't think I could manage the video camera too.
Inside my ear I saw, a trading post, a forest, a logging operation with re-planting crew, a lake, fishermen, several completed cabins, a bakery, wheat fields, a fort and quite a bit of manufactoring.
But that's not what really impressed me.

What really impressed me were the flying machines they had! Little, twin wing airplanes, they seemed to have developed a whole society in my ear!

Now I understood why I thought I had been hearing voices for the past year. I was told never to stick anything smaller than a football in my ear, so I had kind of assumed they were self-cleaning. Apparently, I had been wrong.

Well, I had no idea what to do now. I couldn't climb inside my own ear and negotiate with the mayor of this new little town. If I told the authorities I had discovered a new species of hominins they would probably want to chop off my head to preserve their society.

It was obvious what I needed here was a way to communicate with them. I wondered if they spoke the same language as me.

Then another thought occurred to me. What if they weren't aware of my existence? What if once they learned of my existence they decided to chop off my head to get rid of me? Could their society exist outside my living head?

I took another look inside my ear to verify what I had seen. 

It looked as though time was vastly accelerated in their society. Now they looked like a highly advanced technological society. Jet airplanes were crossing their sky, buildings that looked like thin spider webs graced their skyline. Parks and streetlights broke up their seemingly endless blocks of streets. I could see small shops with fruit spilling out their front doors in bins on the sidewalk, taxi cabs honked their horns, I could hear them faintly in my ear.

I met my own eyes in the mirror. They were wide with fright. I gripped the sides of the sink. How had this society advanced so far, so quickly. In a half hour they might have found the cure for cancer. Give them an hour they may be able to teach us the answers to the riddles of the universe.
Were they aware of outer space. Were they aware of the stars spinning, the moon circling, the sun shining?

I had to look once more. Maybe I could write something on a note and get their attention to look at it.
This time when I looked inside my ear there were only smoking buildings. It was all gone. All the people, buildings, flying machines, fields of crops were gone. Only dust remained that was quickly blowing out of my ear.

They had destroyed themselves before I could even tell them, “Hello.”


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