The President

And the people chose her for her wonderful qualities of leadership. They loved the way she took charge, her charismatic personality that led the people like a Pied Piper, her looks that led to having her image being plastered on every page. This is what they loved about her.

The people rejected her, for her arrogance, for daring to lead them down the prim rose path, for speaking out as though Her's was the only voice in the world that mattered and for spending too much on clothes. This is what they hated about her.

Which led the people to denouncing her on Facebook and other social media, making fun of her clothes, hacking her email and imitating her on Saturday Night Live. This is how they betrayed her.

In time after her term had long since expired, the people longed for, the sound of her voice, her sense of style, her honesty and unmatched leadership. This is how they remembered her.


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